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Chris Ran Lin

Chris Ran Lin

Using texture, colour and technique this Melbourne-based designer is using texture, colour and technique to reimagine the uniform

Born in Guangdong, China. Chris Ran Lin grew up surrounded by fashion: his mother was a dressmaker and his grandmother had expertise in the artistry of traditional Chinese craft. Aged 18, Chris immigrated to Melbourne, Australia, where he undertook RMIT’s BA Fashion Design in 2011 and, completed MA Fashion Design in 2015.Chris Ran Lin’s experiments in knitted garments are brave and highly exploratory. Collaboration between old-school tailoring technique and traditional craftsmanship is the signature handwriting in Lin’s design. His works are lush in colours, delightGeneral admissiony soft touched with masculinity and his unique charisma. The intricate knitted pattern and fabric recreation echoes Lin’s manic eyes for details. The Chris Ran Lin has developed the fashion design practice from conceptual speculations into a commercial and contemporary high-end menswear.

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