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Holmesglen Institute

Holmesglen Institute

Holmesglen Institute’s fashion design programs provide the opportunity to study in purpose-built studios and use industrial equipment
The school’s design programs provide the opportunity to study in purpose-built studios and use industrial equipment. Internships on offer include positions at innovative design houses such as Megan Park, Kloke and Kuwaii, as well as at established retail and wholesale brands including Target and KMP Fashion.

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Amy Douglass

Douglass’ collection ‘Inner Sanctum’ explores the notion of clothing as armour, evoking feelings of inner strength, freedom of expression and confidence within the wearer. Inspired by natural formations and lived experiences, garments have been made up of multiple layers of contrasting fabrics to create a protective exterior.

Angus Makin

‘Axis’ is a collection based on the perceptions of metaphysical truth, explored through Gundam – a 40-year-old anime franchise. Spacesuit-inspired design features and inventive uses of pintucking are combined with self-created digital printing to both abstractly and directly communicate the idea of Gundam.

Darija Milevska

Darija Milevska's collection 'Weightless’ seeks to disrupt our habits through the integral use of items which would otherwise be deemed unwanted. Using an assortment of finite resources to represent the impact left by waste, the designer seeks to raise awareness of sustainability by re-purposing plastics waste.

Kun Wang

‘NOTHING RIGHT NOTHING WRONG’ is a collection of dresses designed to be unisex. Pleats and ruffles have been used to explore deconstruction and reconstruction. Tyvek, transparent PVC, and reflective polyester have been chosen by the designer for their non-traditional feel.

Rita Lim

This designer's collection, 'An Allegory of Human Aspiration' is an exploration of the universal human aspirations of love, hope and freedom. The collection draws inspiration from 'The Wizard of Oz' and the quest of its characters to find what they perceived themselves to be lacking.

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