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Melbourne Fashion Week
Melbourne Fashion Week
10 – 16 October 2022
10–16 Oct 2022

Box Hill Institute


Box Hill Institute

Providing aspiring designers skills in sustainable design concepts, business and technology.

Sustainable fashion is the core of our Fashion degree programs. This includes circular design and circular economy. Through collaborative industry projects students learn from in-house professionals. Industry workplace internships, industry visits, industry panel forums and industry presentations are all part of the student experience. The learning journey is exciting whilst students are prepared to be work ready from a local and international perspective.


  • Kushan Namal Jayasinghe

    He/Him Inspired by the ancient 5th-century paintings of the Sigiriya maidens found in Sri Lanka's Lion Rock, 'Apsara' is a celebration of culture and women. The collection showcases intricate handcrafted detailing and a sustainable approach to design, with natural dyes, embroidered finishes, and self-woven fabrics created from scrap threads.

  • Rachael Melville

    She/Her The ‘Adagio’ collection translates to ‘at ease’ but, in a less literal sense, also denotes fluidity and grace. The inspiration for this collection comes from the slow living movement, incorporating elements of craft, nostalgia and dance. A dancer in adagio appears weightless, and these designs aim to create the same soft, cosy sensation through fashion.

  • Christine Xu

    She/Her Inspired by the transformational phases of a butterfly, 'Metamorphica' embraces adaptability and experimentation. The collection showcases Christine's creative freedom, with innovative patternmaking and sustainable practices at the forefront of her designs. On the runway, you'll discover biodegradable, multi-wear pieces crafted from reconstructed textiles, including previously-discarded leather, fair trade silk, and deadstock wool.