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Box Hill Institute

Box Hill Institute

Box Hill Institute's fashion programs cover the design process, technical skills and business to develop aspiring designers

The program involves design principles, underpinned by industry standard technical skills in a collaborative learning environment using digital technologies and industrial equipment. The internship program enhances the students understanding of the fashion industry from a local and international perspective.


Anna Jobson

Anna's ‘White Lies’ collection focuses on the idea of removing the layers, be they verbal or physical, that women put up to hide and protect themselves all while celebrating the strong, feminine women who are behind them. The achromatic designs featured throughout the pieces are created with eco-friendly screen printing and laser cut aluminium.

Blaize Marshall

This trans-seasonal collection titled 'Cockatoo in a Coal Mine' made predominantly from Australian merino wool, is a celebration of the vibrant and joyful colours of Australian birds. It seeks to highlight how human activities are impacting birdlife and how crucial the survival of birds is to biodiversity and therefore to the survival of humankind.

Erina Domingo

Erina’s collection was inspired by the authenticity and non-conformity by the Lamani women of India as well as the colours and textures found in their clothing. She used denim waste throughout to create unique products, all while highlighting the endless possibilities of recycling as a way of giving new life to pre-loved items.

Sagir Rubio

‘Denimodo’ is a collection inspired by the resilience of Mexican migrant workers throughout history. Sagir’s own experience as an immigrant in the United States as well as his career in the hospitality industry contributed to his concept. As an homage to workwear, it consists of only denim with vegan leather accessories.

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