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Box Hill Institute

Box Hill Institute

Box Hill Institute’s fashion courses cover design, technology, production and business studies to develop students’ technical skills in fashion.

Box Hill Institute is an Australian training institution funded by the Australian Government. As a Registered Training Organisation, its qualifications are recognised throughout Australia and overseas. The institute delivers education to people, businesses, and community groups with many different needs, interests, and backgrounds.

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Chelsea Subala

Inspired by Melbourne's graffiti, this collection exhibits unconventional punk street wear presented in an artistic approach. The bold prints, trims and detail in the garments distract the viewer from the collection’s underlying theme of mental illness.

Emma Beard

An experimental collection exploring the ideas of belonging, abnormality and being part of an adoptive family. 'Lost & Found' takes inspiration from freak shows, delving into how these seemingly degrading performances lifted people out of obscurity and onto the main stage.

Nicole Candeloro

A collection featuring a fusion of mid-century and punk where pieces are inspired by the beauty of the classic and timeless silhouettes of the 1950s, while being contrasted with this anti-establishment movement. Designs incorporate hand-painted tartan then are transformed into digital prints.

Phoebe Florance

Florance's collection was inspired by the film 'Black Panther'. Pieces focus on the character's traditional clothing including armour which were reworked into a modern aesthetic. The designer was also inspired by the vibrant colours and the authentic African prints.

Shreeya Budhathoki

Looking to her country of origin while exploring its rich culture – the designer’s collection titled ‘Freedom’ is inspired by women from the Nepalese indigenous group – Tharu. Expect a bright colour palette paired with bold patterns reminiscent of the group’s traditional attire.

Sitong Zhou

This collection’s inspiration comes from images of tumour x-rays. Pieces are predominately made from Tyvek - a special fabric often used as house-wrap to protect buildings during construction. This use of fabric aligns with the way in which our skin acts as to protect the body from harm.

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