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Holmesglen Institute

Holmesglen Institute

Cutting-edge courses that prepare the next generation of designers

The program involves design principles, underpinned by industry standard technical skills in a collaborative learning environment using digital technologies and industrial equipment. The internship program enhances the students understanding of the fashion industry from a local and international perspective.


Alexandria Mitchell

The first half of Alexandria's collection is experimental and combines hard tailoring with leisure, playing with proportion and exaggeration in traditional menswear. The second half expands on this concept and moves into soft tailoring, again merging with leisurewear but this time highlighting the beauty of wool.

Calypso Brown

Wilde The Collection incorporates old techniques of smocking, gathering and hand embroidery. The collection revisits history during a time where people wore clothes for work and country living. The designs take influence from The Wild West when humans lived in defiance of nature braving the elements of an untamed land.
Melissa Anjanette

Melissa Anjanette

Melissa’s collection explores optical illusion through 3D-2D-3D digital print and the creation of double silhouettes within the garments. The choice of colours is bold and contrasting, aiming to create powerful and engaging visuals that aims to excite and aid in people's escape from their monotonous situation.

Yoshie Beetham

Yoshie’s collection, ‘Silent plot’ was created by reflection during the COVID 19 lockdown. Through use of crafted silk organza, the collection draws a link to windows which convey sentiments felt during this time. Gathered holes give a different perspective of the wearer and the garment, which also link back to the window.

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