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Melbourne Fashion Week
Melbourne Fashion Week
15 – 21 November 2021
15–21 Nov 2021

Holmesglen Institute


Holmesglen Institute

Cutting-edge courses that prepare the next generation of designers

Learn and be mentored by professionals with extensive industry experience. Develop your skills and creativity in design innovation, underpinned by technical foundation in pattern engineering and garment construction using the latest industry technology and equipment. 86% of fashion graduates from Holmesglen Institute* work or are in further study 6 months after completion. Launch your career. Learn more, do more, with Holmesglen Institute. * Source: National Centre for Vocational Education Research, 2015, VET Students by Industry.


  • Yasuha Miki

    Drawing inspiration from the Japanese Meiji Period and Britain's Victorian era, ‘The Maninism’ is a menswear collection which reveals the feminine beauty often hidden in the male form. Stemming from a fascination for bespoke garments the designer explores tailoring techniques with a focus on functional details.

  • Nima Zangmo

    The collection 'sneak peek' is inspired by looking at the notion of sexualisation and choices around the way in which women dress. Nima has explored garments that can cover and reveal the fetishized area of the female forms. The look has been achieved using the combination of outerwear and underwear pieces.

  • Qin Wang

    Drawing inspiration from traditional paper-cutting techniques and handicraft, Qin has created three-dimensional fabric vortexes that appear to whirl around the body. Other pieces in the collection feature gravity-defying layers, constructed using various elements of scaled cutwork.

  • Tatenda Serere

    Tatenda sees creating as a way to educate, celebrate heritage and share stories. Through her collection titled ‘African Twilight’ and the contemporary materials that are incorporated throughout, she employs multi-generational skills. The use of wool alludes to the imposition of colonialism on already rich cultures.

  • Vaishali Madyala

    Vaishali's collection titled 'Displacing Boundaries' is an exploration of deconstruction and knitting and ways of breaking down the established forms of garments and reconstructing them. The main components of the collection are shirts and trousers which are made to be gender neutral.