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Melbourne Fashion Week
Melbourne Fashion Week
10 – 16 October 2022
10–16 Oct 2022

Holmesglen Institute


Holmesglen Institute

Holmesglen offers courses to prepare students for a career in fashion through innovation, design and technical skills.

As a leading multi award-winning institute, Holmesglen will connect students with leading fashion professionals to help them explore internships with prominent design houses, apparel manufacturers and designer labels.


  • Prena Chand

    She/Her ‘Timeless Tailoring’ is a remedy for men who take a fresh, novel approach to the idea of power dressing. Born with the aim of providing finely tailored fits with a smarter, more on-trend aesthetic, this collection gives tailoring a new lease on life through loose separates and suits styled with sheer pieces.

  • Erika Honey

    She/Her The ‘Geschätzt’ collection is a reflection on the clothing that made Erika. It’s an exploration into the depth of gothic fashion and the details of traditional Austrian clothing, unapologetically dramatic with the use of sweeping, billowing fabrics. This collection is dark and full of texture, made with love and designed to be treasured.

  • Louis Khor Yok Poh

    He/Him ‘Sense Us’ is inspired by the sense of hearing, using natural materials like wood and branches that create sound and integrating them into the clothing. These materials were sourced from parks, then combined with wool and custom-designed, digitally printed textiles.

  • June Lee

    She/Her ‘STATE of GRACE’ finds its inspiration in a splash of H2O and touches of traditional Grecian insignia, brought to life through entrancing handmade pleats, drapes and the use of hand-molded biomaterials. Freed from requirements of functionality and accessibility, the collection becomes purely aesthetic and conceptual rather than market-driven.

  • Baden Schultz

    He/Him Baden’s collection explores the concept of immersion with nature, drawing inspiration from camouflage utility-wear and military Ghillie suits. Locally sourced wool, precise technical stitching, tufting and unique threading techniques feature heavily in the designs, as well as hand-dyed materials to reflect the inconsistent tones and colours found in the natural world.