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The Masters Institute of Creative Education

The Masters Institute of Creative Education

The Masters Institute of Creative Education brings together Australia’s top creative colleges in a holistic and collaborative educational experience

Melbourne School of Fashion is the Master’s Institute of Creative Education’s oldest college. With almost 30 years of experience, it delivers engaging industry-grade fashion design courses with a focus on couture and construction. The institution offers teaching in all aspects of the fashion industry, including design, production, marketing and promotion.


Donna Priseman

‘Chrysalis’ captures the ethereal beauty of the butterfly, fluidity and movement. Draped designs and voluminous proportions blend to create soft curves and structures encasing the body. Expect a dramatic collection honouring a woman’s strength and fragility in equal balance featuring redefined silhouettes that are balanced by nuances of colour and textures of transparent layers.

Kenzi Tao

'The Shadows' collection explores oversized silhouettes capturing a strong sartorial aesthetic. Deconstructed tailored pieces combined with softness create a form of camouflage where the body is undefined, deconstructed and unfinished details are executed in a polished way. 'The Shadows' offers a sophisticated androgyny and dark elegance.

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