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Whitehouse Institute of Design

Whitehouse Institute of Design

Whitehouse Institute’s Bachelor of Design is built on academic imperatives and underpinned by a learning culture which inspires innovation and creativity

Integration of design knowledge and practice is key to every element of the institute. The degree is an industry-facing, multi-disciplinary program designed to develop students’ design thinking and creative output within a range of specialisations.

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Heather Daniel

Inspired by the idea of Dystopia, this collection is a visual representation of the designer’s mindset on what the world would look like after it ended. Pieces feature destructive type fabrics and fantasy leathers to curate the military of the future.

Megan Taylor

This designer's collection titled 'Outfaced' channels menswear symbols from the 1940s; softening them with silhouettes from sleepwear; and counterbalancing signifiers of masculinity and femininity. Bold and graphic print design takes precedent, visualizing the themes and inspirations behind each piece.

Nhi Le

'Ethereal Muse' is a luxury romantic womenswear collection catering to the dreamers and romantics at heart. Bold in scale with whimsical colour combinations and prints that cohesively contrast with one another, pieces are made from lightweight sheers and delicate lace to create a dreamy yet daring look.

Olivia Palaskas

Heavily inspired by art, Palaskas' collection, Abstract Chic, explores 1960’s Parisian Chic and the abstract art movement, particularly work by Mark Rothko. The designer aims to inspire people to ‘go outside the box’, while attempting to create new timelessness in fashion.

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