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Melbourne Fashion Week
Melbourne Fashion Week
10 – 16 October 2022
10–16 Oct 2022

Whitehouse Institute of Design


Whitehouse Institute of Design

Whitehouse prepares graduates as designers of the future for global careers in fashion and creative direction and styling.

Whitehouse graduates employ innovative technologies to further industry engagement, foster equitable business practices and grow the economy of the design industry. Whitehouse nurtures creativity and advances innovation, sustainability, leadership and entrepreneurship.


  • Wilson Jedd Adams

    He/Him ‘Triptych’ explores connections between queer nightlife and Hieronymus Bosch’s ‘Garden of Unearthly Delights’. As Bosch’s painting is divided into sections representing order, chaos and hell, these three ideas also form the basis of this collection. Designs are also influenced by queer nightlife culture, with references to the Club Kids and Leigh Bowery.

  • Jordan Anderson

    She/Her Inspired by the seven deadly sins, ‘Sanctuary for the Outcast’ argues that sinning shouldn’t be seen as a taboo but rather as a celebration of learning. The womenswear collection utilises hardware, latex and faux leather.

  • Marvi Barillo

    She/Her Initially inspired by Banksy’s mural ‘Valentine’s Day’, the ‘Power of Perception’ collection focuses on the concept of excess and restraint and the exploration of controlling one's emotions. An extensive use of fabric manipulation techniques can be seen throughout to give the garments depth and texture.

  • Caleb Bieber

    He/Him Inspired by the beauty of imperfection, ‘Ephemerality Embodied’ aims to normalise skin marks and unconventional shapes of our bodies and skin. Its pieces have been designed to act as an extension of the body, with prints designed and developed by Caleb to both showcase and distort the wearer’s figure.

  • Amy Cottrell

    She/Her ‘Plasticity’ explores our relationship with a man-made substance that was once associated with progress and is now held responsible for major environmental damage. The collection plays with fluidity and movement, balanced against underlying structure and constraint. Innovative techniques using recycled plastic create protective shells, unique textures and opportunities for reflective light.

  • Genevieve De Santis

    She/Her ‘High Society’ is a collection that merges Hollywood glamour and streetwear influences in order to better understand contemporary fashion. It was created primarily with upcycled garments, including T-shirts, sportswear and denim, alongside eco-friendly materials like cactus leather. The resulting pieces reflect Genevieve’s vision for a sustainable future in fashion.

  • Zali Drew

    She/Her ‘Want to wander with me?’ is a collection that explores the psyche of society’s elite, exploring the notion of power-dressing both literally and figuratively. It combines sportswear influences with detailed craftsmanship and a wide variety of materials. On the runway, keep an eye out for the chainmail vest, created from recycled beer and champagne bottle caps.

  • Asher England

    He/Him Inspired by the emotions we feel most strongly, ‘World Tour’ delves into themes of pain, joy, failure, rejection, criticism, and persistence. It merges both minimalist and brutal stances through a combination of boldly blurred prints and thrifted fabrics. You’ll also notice sustainable and biodegradable materials throughout, with mercerised cotton and Panama canvas used heavily.

  • Baaqiy Ghazali

    She/Her ‘Love Is Calling for Wonderland’ blends inspiration from Yayaoi Kusama’s ‘Love Is Calling’ art installation and the world of Alice in Wonderland. This surrealist collection subverts the design principle 'form follows function' by manipulating traditional garment elements to create distorted silhouettes at an unconventional scale.

  • Mia Hendren

    She/Her Inspired by a utopian take on a dystopian future, Mia’s ‘Neoteric Minerals’ gender neutral collection utilises natural elements and minerals. These materials are distorted into fabrications, with the collection centring cactus leather and an aluminium dress alongside merino wool and custom-printed polyester.

  • Mona Mostafa

    She/Her Made from richly hued 'ethnic blankets', the autoethnographic collection ‘Crazy Never Sleeps’ contrasts the nostalgia and comfort of Middle Eastern homes with the psychological thrillers Mona watches in those spaces. Sprinkled with a dose of surrealism and satire, the scary designs leave viewers in both discomfort and laughter.