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Whitehouse Institute of Design

Whitehouse Institute of Design

Whitehouse prepares graduates as designers of the future for global careers in fashion
Students at Whitehouse employ innovative technologies to further industry engagement, foster equitable business practices and grow the economy of the design industry. The industry-standard institution nurtures creativity and advances innovation, sustainability, leadership and entrepreneurship.


Apissara Chairattanamanokorn

The collection titled 'Women WWII' is based on concepts derived from women living throughout World War Two. Garments featured throughout draw on themes of empowerment and touch on the notions of the shifting of traditional roles in marriage. Design methods used in the collection are laser cutting and screen printing.

Bethany Young

This collection is inspired by Bethany’s personal interactions and experiences with the land while growing up in the Australian Outback. This collection deconstructs and augments symbols of traditional workwear. It employs eco-dyeing technique and uses high quality natural fibres, working in a colour palette derived from rich earthy tones.

Catherine Chapman

The ‘Indulgent Atmosphere’ collection aims to create a feeling that transcends time and space. In an attempt to fulfil desires inspired by hedonism, it features a bold colour palette, voluminous sleeves and laser cut fabric. The collection aims to empower and amplify feminine beauty by the boundaries and balance of modesty and sex appeal.

Georgina Pola

Georgina’s collection titled ‘Third Life’ is inspired by the theory of deconstructionism and how it can be applied to re-using through upcycling, recycling and resource sharing. The collection uses excess stock, leftover fabrics, op shop garments and discarded plastics as repurposed materials to deconstruct fashion parts and re-evaluate their meaning on a body.

Jye Marshall

Jye’s ‘Sea Salt and Self-reflection’ collection is inspired by utilitarian design influences from growing up in Van Diemen Land (Tasmania). The ultra-modern and luxurious collection focuses on the self-preservation of memories though layering of garments. The collection offers wearers a little bit of the designer’s island to wear and provides protection from urban settings.
Kate Na

Kate Na

The structure of designs featured in ‘Summer Stroll’ is inspired by the interiors and exteriors of geometric patterns. SungHee (Kate) has created garments based on high-end luxury wear and looks to the theme of a warm, summer breeze. Excessive volumes and ruffles are applied in the pieces to show a feminine appearance throughout. Expect a vibrant colour palette and the use of light fabrics.

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