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      • Online Identity & NFT Marketplaces

        Led by Fashion Journal’s digital editor Cait Burke, in this talk we explore the role of NFTs in fashion, how they can help brands commercialise and what they and other digital assets mean for our online identity. Featuring social media sensation and LGBTIQ+ advocate, AJ Clementine, creative technologist Kadine James from Yahoo Creative Studios, New York-based interdisciplinary designer Helena Dong, and Kim Hoang, CEO and co-founder of Limitd – an NFT marketplace.

      • Beyond Green Washing

        What’s next for truly sustainable fashion? Now that the buzz around sustainability has reached fever pitch, how can we sort the genuine change-makers from the marketing opportunists? What should you look for as a consumer?

      • Does Visibility Equal Power?

        Does an increase in diversity from brands on our runways, in campaigns and editorial shoots really empower the people they're trying to benefit or is it all for show? For this free online M/FW Conversation join a panel of industry insiders, including Grace Dlabik (Be. One Creative), Chelsea Bonner (Bella Management), Deni Todorovic (LGBTIQ+ activist and stylist), Jarin Baigent (Trading Blak), Lisa Cox (model and accessibility advocate) and Tarik Houchar (Modest Fashion Runways). Presented by Creative Victoria.

      • Shifting Fashion’s Status Quo

        How can we look beyond traditional business models and buying habits in fashion after recent global upheavals in the industry? Is there still hope for fashion? Featuring Managing Editor of Fashion Journal, Giulia Brugliera, Editor in Chief of Vogue Australia, Edwina McCann, former Editor-in-Chief for Harper’s BAZAAR, Kellie Hush, and Founder of Viktoria & Woods, Margie Woods.


      • Inside the Store: dot COMME

        “My taste is more to the weird and avant-garde side of things.” For our final ‘Inside the Store’ film follow us upstairs at Curtin House to dot COMME – a hidden Japanese fashion archive store that is as much an art gallery as it is a shop.

      • Inside the Store: Búl

        Our next ‘Inside the Store’ film takes you right into the heart of city centre where we chatted with the local designer on how travel and nature are not only Virginia's main sources of inspiration for her collections, but also in the design of this unique retail space, which mimics a tiny Scandinavian house. 

      • Inside the Store: Collective Closets

        It's no surprise that we're all now well versed in online shopping, but for most, there's nothing like visiting a store in person. For our first instalment of Inside the Store, we visit dynamic sister duo Laurinda and Fatuma Ndenzako of Collective Closets at their Queen Victoria Market store.

      • Accessible Fashion

        We’ve been working closely with adaptive fashion label EveryHuman to open up the dialogue on the importance of inclusivity in fashion in all areas of the industry – from representation in campaigns and on the runway to what it means for society when brands make their clothing accessible for all.