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Arid Runway

Meyers Place Runway

The feeling was a little surreal. After months at home, Melburnian’s were finally together again enjoying some of the city’s best restaurants and watching a runway in a hidden laneway dining precinct.


Inside the Studio: Viktoria & Woods

"It’s about timeless, enduring design. It’s about being conscious of the fabrications that we’re using and what that does to the planet." Margie Woods of local label Viktoria & Woods shares the journey behind her brand with our Inside the Studio series presented by Creative Victoria

Inside the Studio: Chris Ran Lin

We caught up with M/FW '20 designer Chris Ran Lin for our Inside the Studio series presented by Creative Victoria.

Inside the Studio: Kuwaii

“I wanted it to be a brand for the people, I didn’t want it to be exclusive.”

Inside the Studio: Arnsdorf

“I saw a lot of waste within the industry and that didn’t sit well with me.” Arnsdorf designer Jade Sarita Arnott joins our Inside the Studio series presented by Creative Victoria to talk through her design journey, garment life cycles and the label’s Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation.

M/FW Conversations

Meet the Designers

This year has been a year like no other. Join Brian Huynh (MNDATORY), Fatuma Ndenzako (Collective Closets), Ema Hewitt (HEW) and Giulia Brugliera (Fashion Journal) as they share the challenges, opportunities and how they’ve adapted to a new way of working during the pandemic.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Fashion

Earlier this year the inaugural National Indigenous Fashion Awards celebrated innovation, diversity and ethical practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and fashion designers. Tune in to this M/FW Conversation with current and emerging leaders of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander design and fashion.

Fashion x Tech

This M/FW Conversations panel will unpack the increased importance of digital in fashion post-COVID, the shift to digital showrooms, how tech is being leveraged for sustainable outcomes and the role of social media in the fashion landscape post-pandemic.

Rewiring the Fashion System

Are fashion seasons obsolete? This conversation will touch on how clothing is being and could be consumed post-pandemic. Speakers will also unpack where the industry is heading both locally and globally. Join the live discussion and share your questions in the chat.

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